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You earn income automatically on cash pending investment.

Your optionsXpress account includes a cash feature that earns income on your uninvested cash. This is cash you need quick access to for trading and same-day transactions.

  • Any cash that remains in your account automatically earns income while it is pending investment.
  • Your cash is available so that you can make a purchase.
  • The cash feature on your account depends on the type of account and the account assets you have at optionsXpress.
Cash features for your cash pending investment
If your account balance is:Your cash may be invested in: (click for rates)
Under $500,000
$500,000 or more
For further information, see the optionsXpress Cash Features Disclosure Statement.

Certain exceptions apply. To find out which cash feature you have or to make a change, call 1-888-280-8020.

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